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Clothing Company Uses Female Ph.D.s Instead Of Regular Models

Pretty much. 

I do so love photos of Rob where I actually can see Edward.  The bottom one here much more than the top, though. 

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“Writing a novel is like starting a small business and investing thousands of hours without knowing exactly what it is you’re going to end up selling. It’s a leap of faith every time, even for someone who is five novels into a career.”

—   Dominic Smith, How Many Novelists are at Work in America?”  (via writingweasels)

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Cameron Diaz Encourages Women to Keep Their Pubic Hair in Her New Book

Unambiguous syntax. It saves lives. 

a.k.a., you want me to keep what where? 

Compassion Holding its Breath Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

So very, very, rarely do I read an excellently in-character Carlisle…

Twilight AU retelling, multi-POV. So far, excellent. 

Mine, too.




It really delights me when some asks the Ask Carlisle Cullen blog about something for which I have a strong, ongoing headcanon. In my mind, at the depths of his despair and loneliness in the early 1900s, Carlisle would’ve found ragtime fascinating and uplifting. Even though he basically never plays the piano with Edward around who is so much better, if he does play, you’re pretty likely to hear some Joplin. 

Eggcorn: Up and arms

The phrase: up in arms
Meaning: a person has taken up arms (weapons), i.e.  they’re spoiling for a fight. 

How it happens: Coronal stops [t,d] are often deleted after nasals [m,n] in rapid speech. Words like end, went, wind, and of course, and might come out as en, wen, win, and an. In an unstressed syllable like the one that occurs in the middle of this phrase, the vowel is reduced, making the [n] syllabic. So were the phrase up and arms, the realization would be: up [n] arms…which is exactly the fast pronunciation of up in arms as well.